All disease starts in the gut wrote Hippocrates, a Greek physician in about 460—370 Before Common Era. We all need good food to thrive, but not everyone will do equally well on the same diet.

Am I eating right for my lifestyle?

As nutrition is a foundation of health, Cloud9 Naturopathy encourages getting to the nutritional numbers early to see whether your food and beverage intake is first meeting your needs. If it doesn’t, together we devise small and do-able changes so that over time, it does.

After your 15-minute Introductory call with Cloud9 Naturopathy, you are invited to access a free Foodzone account, an Australian professional nutritional database. You can enter your diet over 3 days (2 work days and Saturday or Sunday). Before your first Initial consultation, Cloud9 Naturopathy generates a report that compares your intake to nutrient reference values (NRVs) established by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). The analysis takes into account your age, sex at birth, activity level, weight and height (body mass index).

Am I drinking enough water?

There’s a balance between water intake and how we lose water naturally through the breath, perspiration, urine and faeces. The amount of water you need depends on your: age, body weight, exercise, health, outside temperature and humidity, medications and whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding. The daily average water intake for men is about 2.6 L (10 cups), and for women, 2.1 L (8 cups). Clean, plain water is best.

A simple first step is to check the colour of your urine!

Urine colour chart infographic

Infographic courtesy of Healthdirect Australia.


Pale yellow = good;
Dark yellow*** = not enough (drink 2–3 glasses straight away).

*** If you are taking a vitamin B supplement (which can turn urine bright yellow), wait 6–8 hours to check the colour

Water makes up about 55% of female and 60% of male bodies and is essential. Water is needed in the chemical reactions that sustain life, and it transports nutrients and wastes, helps regulate body temperature, maintains healthy skin, and much more.

But happy and healthy eating is not just about numbers – we understand how important food and beverages are to our physical, emotional and cultural lives. We work with you to devise manageable steps to support sustainable change.

Acknowledgement of country

We acknowledge the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung and Bunurong peoples of the Kulin Nation as the Traditional Owners of the land on which we work and live. We also acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia and pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging.

Inclusivity statement

Cloud9 Naturopathy clinic welcomes all people equally, respecting and encompassing differences in race, religion, cultural background, gender expression, sexual orientation and ability. Cloud9 Naturopathy will not support behaviours, comments or viewpoints that devalue or disrespect others.

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